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Looking for tax help, or a guide through life’s financial maze? Add Rebecca A Pace, CPA/PFS to your team.

Do you own a small business? Is the endless cycle of recordkeeping and reporting overwhelming? Do you wonder how to leverage your financial statements to improve business results? R Pace Tax can help. Add Rebecca A Pace, CPA/PFS to your team.



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Rebecca A Pace, CPA/PFS
PO Box 30324
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230




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My fair share and no more!

We live in a great country. Taxes are the price we pay to keep it great.  Highways and bridges, waterways and forests, parks, schools, and libraries, all of these are paid for with our tax dollars. Don’t forget our military and first responders. 

We all share this burden, but no one should pay more than they have to. 

Check this off your list. Let us handle the details. We know the tax regulations and requirements. Make this your opportunity to mark your financial progress and plan for the future with Ms. Pace. 

Spend your time doing something you enjoy. Get peace of mind from tax preparation and a consultation with us.

Rebecca A. Pace, CPA/PFS, provides tax preparation and tax audit services.


straight talk consultations

Are you confused about financial issues? Not sure of the difference between an IRA and a pension? Or the difference between a systematic withdrawal and a required minimum distribution (or why it matters)? Unsure how tax costs and investment expenses affect your accounts? 

Sometimes it just helps to talk to a professional. Come prepared with your questions and ready to take notes. Rebecca A Pace, CPA/PFS, uses a true fiduciary approach, with no conflicts of interest. 

No sales; No pressure; Just an informed conversation about your financial concerns and questions. No investment analysis provided.  

One-hour consultation:  $300.00


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Essential information for the family. A few pages from my workbook "A Caring Gift".


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Rebecca A Pace, CPA/PFS

Whether you are looking for business help, tax preparation, or financial advice, Rebecca A Pace, Certified Public Accountant, is a seasoned financial professional who can help you. 

Specializing in tax preparation and IRS income tax audit representation, Ms. Pace can save you time and money. Don’t pay a penny more tax than your obligation.

She holds the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and is more than a financial planner—she is a CPA with the powerful combination of extensive tax expertise and comprehensive knowledge of financial planning. She lectures frequently on tax planning, career transition, and retirement, and on financial management for the elderly and their caregivers. She also enjoys occasional radio appearances on our local NPR station.

Ms. Pace works closely with attorneys, providing assistance for probate and estate settlements, and litigation support for various matters, including divorce cases. She is also available as an expert witness on tax and financial matters. 

She is the proprietor of a vacation rental cabin, Hopewell Croft, in rural Adams County, Ohio. The secluded rural setting provides a welcome respite from a fast-paced city life.

Ms. Pace received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Technology from the University of Cincinnati. She did graduate work at Ashland University in Ohio, and completed the intensive Financial Planning Residency Program at the University of California, Irvine.