Disability Planning

Avert Panic! Make a Plan!


I had a great time on WVXU (91.7) with Chris Disimeo and Mark Heyne, talking about my workbook "A Caring Gift:  Click on the headline to listen.

Have you ever been asked to water a neighbor’s plants when they were on vacation? Did they leave instructions?  What if that neighbor was hospitalized suddenly, or possibly never coming home again? Where will you find the instructions?

The workbook, “A Parting Gift” is available on my website.  It is a workbook where you can leave instructions to make it easier for family or friends to help you, whether you’re just away on vacation or off to your eternal home. The workbook covers everyday matters, like taking care of the family dog and cutting the grass; serious things, like bank accounts and insurance; and complicated things, like Mother’s china and Grandmother’s quilt. 

The 4 essential pages, from the workbook, are available on the website for download at no charge.